Friday, 5 February 2010

Monthly Round-Up: January 2010

With those germ gremlins still attacking me, I'm not up for creating coherent sentences. So today I'll post a round up of what I read last month, I'm eager to get the reviews up - but I daren't post them. When I posted one late in the evening the other day, I ended up putting the wrong link on twitter. Thanks to the publisher for picking up on that.

Here is what I read this January: total of 25 books. Wonder if I can beat that this month...

Importance of family, awesome powers

Sweet picture book

Thriller, Action, evil government agency

Action packed, tissue moments, scary world to live in
The book with terrorists who I call stupid

The end has me wanting to go straight back to the beginning.
Super cute!

An awesome fairy tale
Touching, humourous read

Bats, a race of people hidden in an attic, a boy and a dog
Graphic novel for girls
No dust in this museum

You won't look at gargoyles in the same way again

1st adventure with the Gargoylz

This isn't Jack and the Beanstalk type giants

BBC1 TV tie-in
The darker side of humanity
WWII, Time-travelling

Supernatural powers, a ghost sister
A world with no adults. Sadly it has w*rms and flying sn*akes
3 hard working princesses take up a different hobby
This is a book which made me think 'wow'

Creepy (in a good way) historical crime novel
Scary crystal, blossoming power, those who chose the dark side

Not what I expected - far better!


Becky said...

Wow, it is amazing how many books you reviewed this month. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Yunaleska said...

Thank you Becky. Gwrm gremlins are getting the hint and starting to pack up their bags.