Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Glister: The Faerie Host by Andi Watson

4th January 2010, Walker
80 pages, Paperback
Review Copy

Children's, girls 8+

Clouds: 3
Cushions: 1
Smiles: 3
Tissues: 3
Yunaleska's recommended rating:♥♥♥♥

Summary from Walker Books

The third book in a delightfully quirky and funny series for girls told in comic-strip and featuring Glister Butterworth – girl-magnet for the weird and unusual.

It is coming up to Halloween and already Glister's father is bustling around getting ready for Christmas! The Butterworths are putting up decorations for the tree and making preparations for the big day, but Glister is sad – her mother is missing and Christmas just wouldn't be the same without her. She is determined to find her mum and solve the mystery of her disappearance. However, boundary changes in the area mean Faerieland and Whixleyshire's borders now meet right outside Glister's front door. Once Glister has ventured into Faerieland in search of her beloved lost mum, very strange things start to happen and her biggest challenge will be finding her way home again.

Purple cover, title includes the word faerie - I had to get this. I whooped with glee when I opened the book -it's set out in graphic novel style! (although it reads left to right like normal novels.)

This is a new series for me, and I absolutely adore it. Glister's father is Christmas mad - the decorations become more abundant with each passing year, and he starts preparing very early on, so by the time Christmas does come round Glister isn't all that excited. However, this year she gets a present from her mother - who is missing. I nearly cried when the present arrived, for its something Glister has wanted for so long. The present pushes Glister into searching for her mother - which means she must go to the forbidden Faerieland. Her father wouldn't approve - so naturally she doesn't tell. She wasn't to know that while off on her adventure time outside Faerieland passes at a faster rate. Thankfully her father's concern for her well being doesn't last forever. Glister manages to bring back a very special animal to their home, whose power can be discovered at the end of the book.

Glister's adventure is a heart-warming tale full of love and magic. There is mild peril for Glister, but she's always able to overcome the obstacles, with a bit of help from those in the magical realm - and from a gift from her mother. The drawings are cute and funky: Glister's personality is visible before any words are said about her. I'm a huge fan of graphic novels, and this is a great introduction to the style of book for young girls. There is more than just a story to this book: at the back and front are two craft activities, written with diagrams and step-by-step instructions. It will encourage the reader to get creative and have fun with friends and family after finishing the book.

Andi Watson has his own website, full of info on Glister and other books.

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