Friday, 1 January 2010

Mini Review #17 The Possessed by L J Smith

2009, Simon and Schuster
207 pages, (see note below ratings), Paperback
Personal Copy

Cushions: 3
Daggers: 1
Smiles: 3
Tissues: 1
Yunaleska's recommended rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Note: This is book two in the trilogy. All the books are bound in one volume, Dark Visions. The reason why I'm rebelling and writing a mini book review for each story is because I love them all! They deserve their own, individual space rather than all squashed into a paragraph.

Summary from Simon and Schuster

Having learned the dark secrets of the psychic institute, Kaitlyn and her new friends are on the run, not even daring to contact their parents or old friends. As the group hide-out together they grow closer and Kaitlyn finally discovers Gabriel's dark secret: he's a psychic vampire. In order to survive he needs to drain other people's life-force, but he's been holding back to keep others safe. Kaitlyn offers herself as a source - and finds the experience not entirely un-enjoyable.

After the thrilling events of book one, book two keeps up the surprising twists in the tale. The group of five teens manage to secure transport away from their pursuers, but they can't escape Dr Zete's grasp. They are bombarded with psychic attacks, which force them to seek aid from Anna's parents (she's the one who can talk to animals - and they listen to her). I feel it was important that Anna's parents tried to take over the situation, as any adult would. Kait and the others choose to defy Anna's parents, hoping that they will understand once it is all over.

The inclusion of a new major character added tension to the book, which peaked when Kaitlyn starts to feed Gabriel's need for life force. It is this need of his which causes problems once the group finally reach the place in Kait's dream, a place which does offer sanctuary, but by its nature it can't help them in the ways that they need. Not even her love for Rob (which is returned) can keep Kait safe. I only hope the last part of the story in book three, The Passion, sees the group finding a way to deal with their psychic connection and with Dr Zetes.

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