Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Gargoylz On the loose! by Burchett and Vogler

2009, Red Fox
128 pages, Paperback
Review Copy

Children's, 6+

Smiles: 5
Pencils: 5
Yunaleska's rating: ♥♥♥♥

When Max and Ben discover that the ancient stone figures on the church next door to their school actually come to life, they are delighted! School will be much more fun now that the boys have the gargoylz to help them play pranks and wreak havoc. And when they discover that the gargoylz all have special powers too, they realize that the possibilities for mischief are endless!

Gargoyle Toby can fly, Barney can make terrible smells, Bart burps spiders and Zack can turn himself invisible - and those are just the four gargoylz that Max and Ben meet in book one! Imagine the fun and chaos that ensues once the gargoylz and the boys are working together...

Having thoroughly enjoyed Gargoylz Put On A Show, I was eager to learn exactly how Ben and Max met up with the creatures that can turn into stone, but in reality are alive. Garygolz On the Loose is the very first book in the series, telling how the two friends slowly get to know the different Gargoylz.

I think the Gargoylz suit the mischievous friends very well. With each of the abilities the boys have a whole load of new tricks up their sleeves. Sure, sometimes the Gargoylz play the trick too soon, or a little earlier than planned, but it means Max and Ben's lives are far from dull. In some ways I'm amazed at how much trouble the boys get into - but then I haven't any brothers so haven't had first-hand experience with young boys. These two friends are certainly lively, but they are kind at heart because none of their tricks would ever seriously hurt someone.

My favourite Gargoyl isn't introduced in this book, so my second favourite is Zack, who can make himself invisible. It comes in handy when Max and Ben want to get out of doing their homework - its not their fault if Mr Oldart doesn't read what he believes is his handwritten assignment on the board. Let's just say the children end up doing homework which Mr Oldart wouldn't endorse, all thanks to Zack's ability to write while being invisible.

I'll be discussing the illustrations and spy names in the review of book 2, Gargoylz Get Up To Mischief.

Gargoylz are loose on the net here.

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GMR said...

Although I have not heard of this one before, it definitely looks like a cute read. Off to read your second review of the series....

Yunaleska said...

It's cute and funny, which is a great combination.