Friday, 6 December 2019

Still hibernating

Wish I knew who the artist was for this image.
Hi guys! Apologies for almost a month of silence, I am sorry but winter is never kind to me. I am still hibernating, resting up as much as possible. I have read a few children's books, but mostly gaming. I am to write a few posts next week if my body permits me. I wanted to touch base and reassure you all is as well as it can be for winter. Just had a lot of low temp days which my body doesn't like at all. Please bear with me!  


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Baa said...

Rest Well! o7

That image is drawn by an artist called Ke-ta, although the image isn't on there this is their pixiv .

It was probably originally sold digitally which is why it's not available on their Pixiv page.

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