Friday, 8 November 2019

Nose Knows by Emmanuelle Figueras & Claire De Gastold (Non-fiction, Children's, 9/10E)

 October 2019, What On Earth Books, 38 pages, Hardback, Review copy

Summary from press release
 In this fun flap-filled book, you'll learn how smell plays a key role in the lives of animals and how it shapes their behaviour and relationships. Each flap reveals the hidden side to each environment only perceptible through smell, providing a clear layering of information and contributing to the element of surprise throughout the book.

Nayu's thoughts
I am so happy - somehow there are no snakes in this book, which is brilliant! I had to cautiously open each page in case there was a giant sn*ke staring back at me. Yay! Although this probably marketed at children, in all honesty when it comes to non-fiction I prefer so-called children's books because they explain the facts in a fun way. There are ever so many facts crammed in this very big book! Many I didn't know, as well as some I had forgotten from my science lessons many moons ago. 

I like how every aspect you could possibly think of about noses eg size and shape as well as ones you wouldn't automatically think of eg communication are explored in this book. Each page explores a main fact about noses, with extra facts sometimes along the bottom of the page which I liked the format of. The illustration style is of a similar colour to actual animals so looks realistic. As expected us humans are not very incredible with our noses. Not every animal has a nose as a nose: by that I mean there is one that has a nose in it's beak! 

I liked how dotted throughout the book were flaps to lift that showed a different aspect of the animal in question and how they used their nose. This is why the book didn't get full marks as one or two were a bit scary for me which I hadn't been expecting the first time of seeing one, and it wasn't always easy figuring out how to lift up the flaps: I am the first person using this book so nearly all were wedged into the page: there isn't like a small indent that provides a means to lift the flap up. This book would get full marks for the amount and quality factual info about animals. I learn an awful lot, and I know children whose school I am donating this to will probably like their science lessons a bit more because of how fun a read it is. My favourite animals with interesting noses are bees and sharks! 

See more gorgeous artwork on Claire's website which is in French. 

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