Saturday, 5 October 2019

Blog Tour: Win a copy of Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind by Eduard Shyfrin and Tomislav Tomic (Children's, 9 years +)

3rd October 2019, White Raven, 208 pages, Hardback,

Book summary from Press release
Aaron and Stella spend every summer at their grandparents’ house, playing on the beach in the day, and eating sushi at night. One evening, the children try some special sushi which transports them to an alternate universe – The Land of the Mind, a place traditionally governed by maths and quantum physics, which is being taken over by evil and chaos.  

 With the many different areas in the Land of the Mind being ruled over by the Dark Lords of Intolerance, Fear, Pride, Indifference, Betrayal and Despair, the children are tasked with rescuing the Book of Understanding, which contains all the rules on how to live a good life. 

Chosen because of their relationship to the Golden Ratio known as Phi (1.618), Aaron and Stella travel on a Phi-Flyer and are guided by a wise raven called Sophie (who is both a particle and a wave). The children must learn how to navigate the infinite dimensions of quantum physics to save the Land of the Mind from falling into the hands of chaos

Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind is an atmospheric children’s novel by Eduard Shyfrin which introduces children to quantum physics and classic morality through an adventure in another universe. Doing for quantum mechanics what Alice in Wonderland did for mathematics, it’s a celebration of the power of words and the role of science, exquisitely illustrated by the talented Tomislav Tomic. Beautifully produced, Travels with Sushi makes a perfect gift, and is an educational, fun and imaginative debut novel.

Nayu's short thoughts
There's no review for this book because it isn't my kind of read at the moment. However I am certain some of you will be interested so please enter the competition which will have not one but TWO winners!

To enter simply fill in the form below. Due to issues in recent competitions I will ask for your address up front. As soon as the winners are chosen and the prizes sent I will delete the address and will not pass it on to anyone else. I am sending the books myself so the author won't have them. 

Competition details: 2 people will win 1 copy of Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind. It is international, ends on 19th October 2019, one entry per person only, so get entering! 

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