Thursday, 9 May 2019

Nayu's News #247 Unsolicited emails are entertaining

No idea who the author is for this awesome artwork that's on my laptop
This morning I went through emails, even checked my spam email which make me laugh. There's the usual asking for money, the notice of a tax repayment, a TV licence issue (I don't even pay it, my family does), a delivery issue with a company I do sometimes receive goods from but I know it's fake, various inappropriate emails to name just a few. A few real emails got caught up in there which wasn't so good, but I've rescued them. 
I am primarily a book reviewer but my inbox sees a variety of requests which again make me smile. I've had a company contact me because they saw one post of mine a long time ago about a car wash, so they want to tell me all about how to wash my car. I get many requests for mentioning new bands/singers - I don't even listen to mainstream music so why would I be interested? I spotted one about a multi-climate control thingy - like why on earth would I need that? Seriously people definitely don't read my review policy, something that unfortunately happens far too regularly in the blogging world.

I hope to schedule more reviews next week: having my mega meds tonight, praying the weather improves soon as my body hates all the rain and cold, and in theory I should receive my special supplements which turn out to have more of an impact than I realised this week - the hospital pharmacy didn't inform me of the delay so I am on reduced dose of one and zero dose of the other. Fun times.

I feel is is what would happen if Hatsune Miku was evil
I've been reading a bit, and gaming loads on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, which has had a fun event on, Farm Together which has me working hard on an event because the prizes are so cute (will show pictures when I talk about it in a future post, Yoshi's Crafted World which I am for some reason trying to complete absolutely everything on (all the collectibles) which is fun to do, if a bit time consuming, Dragon Quest  Builders 2 got even more amazing than it already was (again it will have a post soon), Animal Crossing Wild World which I'm replaying for fun and just got a house upgrade (so my room is no longer super tiny), and I think those are the main ones. Due to get The Caligula Effect: Overdose today or tomorrow which I really want to get into. Think it's a JRPG, I know that it has an idol like Miku (but eviler) in charge of the word that lets people live out their school lives in virtual reality. When I'm better I promise I'll do more game posts, need to rest for now. I stupidly got excited when a newspaper online had the headline including blistering heatwave: unfortunately I do not count 16'C as a heatwave. That is merely warm. A heatwave involves temperatures of over 20'C! Ideally nearer 30. Should have known better from a tabloid. 
Love this fanart of a Muslim Miku, she still looks as adoable as ever!

 I usually put a saying or quote, but would like to mention a random Twitter user I follow which is about the life of some frogs (yes I like frogs quite a bit, not as much as cats). Go check out Sticky Frogs whose latest tweet at the time of writing this post included the follow image. I love the colours frogs come in, the shine on their body and their cute little feet as much as I love how prehistoric looking crocodiles are, and how the babies are super miniature versions of their parents, which in turn I love as much as super adorable furry kitten. My tastes are eclectic! *coughstrangecough*

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