Monday, 20 May 2019

Nayu's News #248 I am a reluctant smart technology user

No idea who the artist is, but they really capture the cuteness of this girl!
When I was younger, I used to be the one in my family who had the latest gadgets & technology, both gaming and non-gaming items. These days I am the least technologically advanced person in my family. I've only just got a smart phone: I had one over 10 years ago when they first came out, but then didn't get on with them. I only have one now so I feel safer when I'm out and about for hospital appointments in London, when my family take the more fun option of going shopping while I wait for my appointment. If anything happened, I wouldn't know about it unless the hospital went in lockdown. Having BBC news on my new smart phone makes me a lot happier. 

I love some of the technology advancements. I like how when I forgot a password this morning, the software I was using instantly linked up with my phone to help verify my identity. That was impressive. I believe smart devices have their place in life, and are more useful to some people than others: being able to ask a device for info instead of having to search for it when you have sight loss is hugely important to a family member. I do not have a smart device like that, and I don't want one. The more advanced something is the more concern I have for it going wrong. I prefer simpler technology that I understand and can use without worry. 

Go check out this artist! 
I am talking about smart lights in particular. Saw an add on my Kindle Fire for some smart lights. Never heard of them so I clicked on the link to look at what they do (and their expense). Frankly I don't get why most people would need/want them. If you want lights to go on/off at certain times so the house looks occupied you can use simple timer plugs. You can't control those lights through an app in your phone, but bearing in mind I only use my phone for messaging/calling and Twitter, I am not the targeted market for a smart light that can be in a zillion and one colours/hues according to the blurb. 

A light is a light. I like switching them on with a switch myself. While I believe smart technology is appropriate and innovative for people who may struggle a bit without it, mostly I honestly don't see the point in it. Why pay well over £100 for 1 or sometimes 3 fancy light bulbs when all you actually need is one that gives you light to see? Even if you have the money I feel society expects people to welcome smart technology with open arms, and if you don't like it then you are weird. I am happy being weird! I am happy with my normal lighting, and with minimal apps on my phone. 

If I have already posted something similar to this, apologies, my memory is on the lousy side. Life's been a little crazier than normal.  I feel very blessed to live in the modern world with both advances in and access to medicine, which so many people in the world still don't have as a basic right. I will be doing a Ramadan post later in the week, and ask that you really count the blessings you do have, rather than focus on what you don't. If you read this post you are very blessed for access to the internet, at least one with uncensored speech, which again not all people have. It's ok, I am climbing off my soap box now!  The next post will be a fun one, I promise!
Quite an apt picture for this post: artist unknown. 


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