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What Lexie Did by Emma Shevah (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

April 2018, Chicken House, 227 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

 Summary from Chicken House
Lexie lives in London with her colourful Greek-Cypriot family.

She’s devoted to her fragile cousin of the same age, Eleni, who has a heart condition. But after the death of their grandmother, Lexie tells a terrible, instinctive, jealous lie about an heirloom necklace, a lie that splits the family apart. It’s up to her to bring the family back together … but after such a lie, can she find a way to tell the truth?

Nayu's thoughts
Just like her previous books (see suggested reading) Emma gives Lexie a highly entertaining family who made me laugh and sigh in equal measure. Unfortunately thanks to Lexie (not in a good way) end family end up in a more than a day feud. It was hard watching her love her grandmother while she was alive than when Lexie actually lost her, more so because of the events that followed are a realistic representation of the impact from when a loved one dies. I'd love no one to experience all that grief, but sadly it happens more and more as the years go by, making this a poignant read in helping readers to know what to due when in mourning, and what not to do which Lexie did. 

Lexie makes a few major bad decisions that have disastrous consequences that can't be simply rectified. Or can they? Lexie's story explores in depth the tricky world of lying, since there are a few rare circumstances that require it, something children learn as they grow up. Lexie almost always has good intentions when she chooses to do something wrong, although jealousy gets the better of her until tragedy strikes. I loved how jealousy of a new friend emerged because I'm sure most readers can relate to that entirely normal phenomenon, the heartache when Lexie's family were upset with each other and the ramifications of the way too long lasting family feud. I especially liked how the emotions of being close to someone with health issues is examined, as it can be extremely tricky when attention is lavished on them because it has to be, not because they want it.

I enjoyed learning more about modern Greek culture-I don't have any Greek (or Greek Cypriot) friends and haven't watched much TV with Greeks in it was all new to me, helping me learn more about people off the page (who probably have even more drama and secrets). I promise there is a happy ending which I was happily surprised by, and I really hope there's another Lexie adventure because she is a fun character I want to know more about! 

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