Friday, 15 June 2018

The Room by the Lake by Emma Dibdi (Thriller, 9/10E)

Content: some strong adult themes, swearing (I think), death

Summary from Head of Zeus
All she wanted was somewhere to belong.
Caitlin never meant to stay so long. But it's strange how this place warps time. Out here, in the middle of nowhere, it's easy to forget about the world outside. 

It all happened so fast. She was lonely, broke, about to give up. Then she met Jake and he took her to his 'family': a close-knit community living by the lake. Each day she says she'll leave but each night she's back around their campfire. Staring into the flames. Reciting in chorus that she is nothing without them. 

But something inside her won't let go. A whisper that knows this isn't right. Knows there is danger lurking in that quiet room down by the lake...

Nayu's thoughts
Aside from me usually prefering my thrillers paced a bit faster this book, it was a wonderful way to spend a few hours of my day. Cults are intriguing, especially when they appear mostly innocent which this one did at the beginning. I didn't find I had much in common with Caitlin, like I usually do with most protagonists, but I wanted her protected and that's why I read until the end.

I could clearly see both the reasons for and the warning signs against Caitlin agreeing to stay: the main one being despite the weirdness she liked the guy she was with. On the surface (no pun intended) the group seemed fairly ok in it's ideals (no 'worship me because I am god' leader) but slowly some of the practises bothered me, and a lot of people had stories that Caitlin needed to uncover. Unfortunately she encounters far more than petty secrets, the information worsens her own situation and managed to confuse me a little too (not difficult so this isn't part of my grading). She endures some messed up events which had me question what I believed to be true for her and doubt most of her memory until a certain point in the story. 

I have to say there was a point where I almost stopped read because the type of events was getting worse and I'd had enough. Instead of ditching the book I simply stopped and picked it up another day - sometimes books can only be read in sections rather than in one situation, if you have the luxury of the latter. I had to know if she ever escaped and what her fate would be, particularly when it looked like her life was in danger. The ending was well written and I was content with it, even if it wasn't entirely what I wanted for Caitlin. 

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Suggested read
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