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The Homeless Kitten by Holly Webb and Sophy Williams (Children's, 7 years +, 10E/10E)

April 2017, Stripes Publishing, 7 years +, 128 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Summary from Little Tiger Press
Lily and her family are going for a walk with their dog, Hugo, when Hugo sniffs out an amazing secret. A litter of kittens have been abandoned in the woods! Without their mother the kittens may not survive the night, so Lily’s family take them in. Lily loves caring for the kittens – and even Hugo does his best to protect the new arrivals. But her little sister is afraid of cats and Lily knows all along that she won’t be able to keep any of the kittens – even her favourite, the adorable Stanley. All too soon the time comes for them to go to new homes. How can Lily persuade her family that Stanley’s perfect home is with her? 

Nayu's thoughts
This review from a big Holly fangirl who also happens to adore cats and owns a rescue cat (who technically still belongs to the RSPCA). I needed tissues a few times, because the tale of this cat is bittersweet and thinking of cats alone without a mother is so sad. It made me wonder what happened to my cat's family. 

Lily is a major cat fangirl even though at first she doesn't have one. Her passion for animals is evident when she puts up wih discomfort to keep an eye on the homeless kttens before being allowed to foster them until homes can be found. As this is a Holly book there is a very happy ending, after a lot of antics which cause Lily's parents to think twice about adopting a kitten. 

Lily learns how to take care of such young cats, including how to make them go to the loo after eating with some wet cotton wool (if you want further details Google them!), and that dogs can be surprisingly protective of other animals' young ones. I liked hoe Liky's family already took in one unusual dog, as it meant they were more open to caring for the kittens when several niht feeds were required. The bond between animals of different species with young ones can be phenomenal. Another Holly book for my growing collection!

Find out more on Holly's website and Sophy's website.

Suggetsed read 
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