Wednesday, 22 February 2017

True Happiness by Linda Weaver Clark (Non-Fiction, 10/10E)

 July 2016, Red Mountain Shadows Publishing, 47 pages, Audiobook, Review copy 

Book Summary
Everyone is seeking for true happiness in their lives. It’s the most sought-after subject on earth. To be truly happy is a great mystery to many, as they search for joy in everyday life
Nayu's thoughts
In this concise yet thought provoking read Linda explores where happiness can be found, which is in more things than you may think. No one can be 100% happy every day. A lot of what Linda said rang true from both my own experience and other books and articles I've read about the subject. I liked how each chapter examined a different area, using both Linda's own experiences and quotes from historical figures. I got to know a lot about Linda in the process which was nice to understand her better. 

There is an emphasis on religion, but not in a preachy way, and if anything made me think about the Islamic view of the topic. Linda shows that reliion/belief can often be a wonderful pillar in learning how to cope with the often unpredictable life. The chapters are fairly short, which makes it feel more like an introduction to the subject of happiness, but one you absolutely must read for Linda's wisdom and encouragement. 

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Suggested read
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