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Emoji Story Collection (Children's, 7 years +, 10/10E)

October 2016, Penguin, 4 books 32 pages each/large book , Paperback, Review copies

Series overview from Penguin
Ever wondered what emojis get up to when they're left to their own devices, instead of appearing on ours?

Of course you have! *high-five emoji*

Read all about their emoj-tional escapades inside these tales of love, loss, sass and selfies . . .

Nayu's thoughts
These books which can be bought and read separately, but I got them as a collection. They are a great way of revealing technological morals that all in the digital age should know and adhere to.

Emoji: Laughing Crying book summary from Penguin
Laughing Crying loves to make his fellow emojis laugh. He posts unflattering pics of celebrity emojis on his blog, Bantz Bible, which everyone thinks is great fun - until they start appearing on it themselves. Soon, Laughing Crying finds himself in the middle of a Twimoji storm of moral outrage. Can he find a way to redeem himself, or will the angry mob have the last laugh-cry after all . . . ?
Nayu's thoughts
This tale sees the Emoji be mean with its jokes, which hurts other people. I think it makes the reader think twice before sharing something funny online, because it may not be a laughing matter for the person in question, and they may not want the incident publicised. If you wouldn't like to hear what you are about to post online, don't post it! 

Heart Eyes summary from Penguin
Heart Eyes is the no. 1 fan of 2Boyz, Emojiville's hottest boy band. She knows everything about her faves and loves nothing more than to vlog about them on EmojiTube. But one day, she uncovers a conspiracy theory about her 2Boyz baes that shakes her to her very heart-shaped core . . . Can the boyz be trusted, or will Heart Eyes be forced to leave the fandom forever?

Nayu's thoughts
Unlike Laughing Crying Emoji Heart Eyes doesn't learn her lesson by the end. However, it's a subtle way of showing that not all couples are boy-girl, and that's ok. Heart Eyes gets eye deep in conspiracy theories which is quite funny, especially as they aren't true. It goes to show rumours are wildfire online, and the truth can be astonishing. 

Pile of Poo summary from Penguin
The emojis are curious when a new user pops up on EmojiBook. He's clever, funny and soon has thousands of dedicated followers. But his identity remains a mystery - until one day, when his true smiley, brown nature is revealed! Will Pile of Poo's new friends appreciate him for who he is, or does he need a total re-brand?
Nayu's thoughts 
Pile of Poo Emoji struggles with prejudice about who he is. Sadly this happens a lot online as well as offline. Not everyone is superficial about what a person looks like or what their race/religion/other category is. Unfortunately if the majority decide they don't like you, then you need to do something a little different. Personally you should always be yourself, but I guess online some like to glamorise their life to look good. I couldn't do that, and Pile of Poo seems happy so I hope he is. 

Sassy Girl summary from Penguin
Information Kiosk Girl is excited about her new job - she can't wait to dispense information to all the emojis of Emojitown! But when certain emojis start to ask the all wrong questions, she's forced to transform into a sass-tastic queen . . . What's about to go down now that she's got a super sassy response for everyone?

Nayu's thoughts
Sassy Girl gains a bit of confidence which does help her to some extent, but I don't think it's always goin to be the best atttude for her to have. Sayin what she thinks all the time will get her into trouble, I think she needs to be a bit more sensitive.

 Official Emoji Sticker Book book summary from Penguin 
Scribble, stick, doodle, draw and design your way through this awesome emoji sticker book.

Inside you'll find all kinds of activities to complete as imaginatively as you can. Colour in pages of your favourite emojis, write secret messages with your emoji stickers, complete emoji translation challenges - plus much more!

Also contains over a 1,000 emoji stickers which can be used inside the book OR on anything else you'd like to emoji-fy

Nayu's thoughts on the series  
All the stories use clever phrases to use famous brands which readers will relate to. All the Emojis have life lessons to learn (and not learn), they broaden readers' thoughts. 

About emoticons in general, I rarely use them because I don't have a great phone, and using them online takes a bit more effort than leaving them out. That may sound weird but I have a condition with severe fatigue so even online work costs effort. However emoji's seem a cool feature, and as the saying goes pictures can be worth more than 1000 words. 

I had no idea how popular they were! I like the Emoji activity book which has lots to draw, colour, and have fun with. You can make your own emojis, use your favourites on anything that can have a sticker on. For me it would be my phone, but that's reserved for anime stickers! I do use emoticons where are emoji ancestors: ^u^ = my equivalent of a smiley face. 

There are so many Emoji stickers that readers will be able to say what they mean with Emojis over and over! I think that for people who use emojis (as well as those that don't) these books give the emoji's more personality than most give them credit for, plus who can resist stickers?!! 

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