Saturday, 26 November 2016

Dork Diaries Frenemies Forever by Rachel Renee Russell, Nikki and Erin Russell (Children's, 9 years +, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet reviw)

 17th November 2016, Simon & Schuster Children's, 368 pages, Hardback, Review copy 

Summary from Simon & Schuster
Nikki Maxwell, Queen of the Dorks, is back in the eleventh instalment of the bestselling series!

Nikki is spending a week at North Hampton Hills as part of the school transfer programme. The good news is that NHH is super-cool and preppy. The bad news is that Nikki’s nemesis MacKenzie started there two weeks ago!
But, faced with NHH queen bee Tiffany, who takes meanness to a whole new level, Nikki might need to work WITH Mackenzie if she’s going to survive the week! Can Nikki and MacKenzie overcome their differences and become BFFS … Best Frenemies Forever?!

Nayu's thoughts
I squeed when this came in the post as I adore the series, and looked forward to more Brianna antics. There were barely any, which compared with other books was disappointing because sbe usually causes oodles of mayhem for Nikki. Not that Nikki ever needs more mayhem, there is always plenty thanks to MacKenzie who haunts Nikki on her school placement event. It was interesting finding out where MacKenzie got sent to, as I wondered if it was different from Nikki's school. It is luxurious, but it seems that the mean girls are in a different league to Nikki's school, including MacKenzie.

While Nikki occasionally pushes MacKenzie's buttons MacKenzie knows how to do everything wrong to get fhe best outcome for herself. However Nikki had to help MacKenzie a little which caused both of them some anguish, but was the only way to sort things out. The ups and down of being a teen get a humourous angle in this series which never fails to make me laugh through both the story and the distinct illustrations which tell what's going on in Nikki's head extremely well. I so hope there will be another book, this time with more Brianna! Or, better yet let Brianna have her own series!!!!! 

Find out more on the dedicated Dork Diaries website.

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