Friday, 30 September 2016

Nayu's News #224 Gaming week & stupid technology

It was one of those mornings.
I don't really mean the title - technology is extremely clever, rather than stupid. I was just a bit annoyed that on a day when I don't have much energy to blog, I turn on my laptop and it decides to update itself without giving me an option to reschedule to a more convenient time, e.g. after I've done my blog work. 
Thankfully I didn't get to this stage of hating my laptop!
1 hour and 15 whole minutes later I can finally get on my laptop...and I'm now rapidly running out of energy. So I've enough time to quickly post this, then hurry off to check emails. I checked most on my tablet, but there's only so much I can do on it, so I need my laptop for the rest.

Pretty colours, apologies for the lousy picture but didn't have time to keep retaking it.
Yesterday I visited an allotment for the first time - a post will be up this weekend about it over on my other blog Nayu's Crochet Dreams, where today's post shows a pretty friendship bracelet that was made for me. Tomorrow I'm sleeping over a friend's house, the one who is moving to Devon in November so won't be a mere 15 minute drive away, so will be packing & resting up for that tomorrow morning (not going until mid afternoon).
For some reason my laptop didn't process the single card pics I'd sent it from my will post the other pics on the dedicated Love Live post. This is the card I  wanted to tier for (get to a certain rank) - I did it! Is't Nico super cute with the bunny??!!!

Seeing as I've spent most of the week gaming on Love Live School Idol Festival in an attempt to tier and gets 2 fabulous cards, I now need to do some reading. Must resist the gaming!!! (Yes I did tier & will explain all another day). 

I don't have time to post anything tomorrow, but I do hope to post something on Sunday, so have a good one and see you soon! 

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