Sunday, 17 July 2016

Nayu's News #220 Present! & my cat likes scrambled egg.

One of those weeks.
Sorry for it being an entire week since I've posted....or not. I forgot I'd prescheduled posts to go up - phew! I haven't done any blog work for a week - been busy and ill (same old, same old) so haven't exactly been online much. This week's meme is happening, it just won't be tomorrow! I've read a few books which I'm looking forward to sharing my reviews with you very soon. 

If you want to hear the story of how I discovered my cat likes scrambled egg then hop on over to Nayu's Crochet Dreams for the details! 
Belle agrees this is yummy!
Thank you for being patient with me. I am on Twitter, @Nayuleska,  and tend to chat on there how I'm doing (if you want to know what I'm up to) much more than Facebook which I save for posting links to posts ^o^ 
I may ramble about Aikatsu! there too!

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