Thursday, 2 June 2016

Meternity by Meghann Foye (Contemporary fiction, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

2nd June 2016, Mira, 384 pages, Ebook, Review copy

Content: some strong language, adult situations, lots of humour, 

Summary from Harlequin
Like everyone in New York media, editor Liz Buckley runs on cupcakes, caffeine and cocktails. But at thirty-one, she's plateaued at Paddy Cakes, a glossy baby magazine that flogs thousand-dollar strollers to entitled, hypercompetitive spawn-havers. 

Liz has spent years working a gazillion hours a week picking up the slack for coworkers with kids, and she's tired of it. So one day when her stress-related nausea is mistaken for morning sickness by her bosses—boom! Liz is promoted to the mommy track. She decides to run with it and plans to use her paid time off to figure out her life: work, love and otherwise. It'll be her "meternity" leave. 

By day, Liz rocks a foam-rubber belly under fab maternity outfits. By night, she dumps the bump for karaoke nights and boozy dinners out. But how long can she keep up her charade…and hide it from the guy who might just be The One? 

As her "due date" approaches, Liz is exhausted—and exhilarated—by the ruse, the guilt and the 
feelings brought on by a totally fictional belly-tenant…about happiness, success, family and the nature of love.

Nayu's thoughts
 Despite in no way approving of what Liz does I loved this read because it was rather funny. The sheer lengths Liz goes keep her ridiculous secret is insane, and every day of her life I expect someone to guess the truth. She really struggles at woek, and I think fear of the unknown held her back from simply quitting her horrendous job and getting a new one, and embarking on a huge lie which could cost her her job. It did help her see life from a new perspective, really think about what she wants her future to be like, as well as understand more about being pregnant. This happened through the daily app messages at the start of each chapter which occasionally had me searching online to read up on the latest symptom of pregnancy, as well as laugh at the absurd baby smile metre; when the truth gets recealed in a dream I find it hilarious! 

I felt sorry for Liz because due to work pressure in the past she has neglected her mother when she needed support. Family should always come first but I understand that Liz was afraid to say no as there's a bias towards being childfree at her job.  She manages to make several mistakes in her life, including areas of romance, whih led to me thinking she was an idiot multiple times, more so at the end when that area of her life went haywire. Communication is the key! 

I found her friend Jules amusing, and look out for an unexpected friendship of sorts forming with an at first hated work colleague, which helps the end be a positive one for Liz. Worth a reread when I want something light with occassnal serious moments.

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