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Anime Round-up #1 Love Live School Idol Project, Kobato, Clannad

I love anime more than Madoka loves doing special appeals in Aikatsu!
For ages I've wanted to do an extended version of the Watching section of my weekly What AreYou Reading meme, which includes all categories of activities that I've done in the past week, but it's only now I figure out what to do. These posts will include why I'm watching certain anime (if there is a reason...) what I love about it and what I'm looking forward to. At least that's my current aim-anything can happen! Please note there will be some spoilers so that I can chat openly about the anime.

I think of the moon whenever I think of Ramadan because the month is a lunar month!
At the moment I'm trying to finish some anime by June, because Ramadan starts early June, and that's a time where I try and eliminate reading and watching stuff with romance in and anything that is slightly mature in content, and which has themes that are a bit dark. This is my personal choice, and it means I get to watch some anime which I specifically ignore until Ramadan. Naturally I can watch what I like after dusk, and I will be getting my Aikatsu dose before bed, but generally I find it easier not to watch certain shows for the entire month.

Love Live is a current favourite, and one I'm finishing  before June. Originally Honoka sets up an school idol unit to save her school from closing by encouraging more students to apply. The first season of 12 episodes focuses on that goal, with the group expanding to 9 very different girls. Once the group take off in popularity they strive to enter the music competition Love Live, but unfortunately events occur which stop them from competing. 
Happy Honoka!
I remember seeing this for the first time and being utterly devastated the girls couldn't achieve their goal. However, the second season of 13 episodes sees Honoka not only as student president (an unimaginable scenario given how different she is to the former student president Eli who is conscientious and dedicated) 
Eli serious before she joins up

A relaxed Eli!
but she reforms the group Muse as there is a 2nd Love Live show! There are laughs and tears as the girls go through various life events while reaching for their dreams. I adore the costumes for being cute, and the music of the songs (not always keen on the lyrics), and for Honoka's bubbly go get them personality, as well as so much else which I'll speak about another time. I'm starting the 2nd season very soon!  
Arise, the top school idol group who Honoka & friends compete against

Not sure if this scene is from the anime or just artwork, but I adore Kobato's frilly dress & matching parasol!
Another anime I'm hoping to finish is Kobato. Full & accurate summary is here from Wikipedia.
 Kobato is a sweet, perky, cute yet na├»ve girl who has a contract: to go to a certain place, she must fill a mysterious bottle with people's "healed hearts" to do so. However, the restriction is that she must finish before the four seasons end. As Kobato attempts to fulfill her mission, she is accompanied by Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog plushie. Because Ioryogi is responsible for a punishment that has been applied to him and his friends from the spiritual world, he must guide Kobato and ensure that she succeeds her mission, so that he and his friends might return to their true forms.
Kobato with the other main characters
I absolutely adore the cute style of this anime-I'm hoping to start collecting the manga in a few months too! While there are many light moments as sweet, often naive Kobato does her best to help others with their problems, there is a dark undertone that explores the less happy side of life. 
Sometimes I can only watch 1 episode in a day because I get so emotionally caught up in the story that there is only so much darkness that I can handle. I hope this anime has a happy ending!!! 
Kobato is best when she is happy!

The main girls in Clannad
The other anime I'm talking about today is Clannad (including season 2 Clannad After Story). I am addicted to this 24 episode (each season) anime which pulls all my heart strings. It is full of mega cute lovable moe characters with gorgeous hair and such compassionate personalities (some are well hidden). It is a love story, but the sweetest one ever. 
Nagisa getting a dango toy present from Tomoya
Nagisa and Tomoya go from being at school to being married. They never kiss! Their romance is sweet because thy are so shy. They eventually hold hands, and anything else is off screen. 
This is once they are married - they don't share the same room to sleep before then (yay!)
There is nothing inappropriate, there is no innuendo, it is a clean romance. It is so sweet because all the characters go through insanely tough times. Nagisa has a mysterious long term illness which is nice to see in anime because it's something I can relate too all too easily. 
She doesn't complain, pushes herself to her absolute limit and then collapse. Not a good pacing strategy, Nagisa!
You get to see her frustration when not being able to graduate, and the kindness of her friends who prepare a special graduation just for her. Be warned here is lots of heartbreak which makes me cry my heart out, that's despite knowing what happens at the end of the second season!
I get teary whenever she is sick and has to rest in bed.
I love how much Nagisa's parents make me smile, with continuous events that are funny becaude they are done so often (such as Akio forcing down Sinai's terrible bread creations that noone else can or will willingly eat). 
I love the link to Kanon, an anime by the same company with similar cute characters and complex plot, as is is explained as being in another town. I was going to read the manga this month, but being the Japanese version it will take a while, and I'm fangirling over Nagisa and her passion for the super cute Dangos, so I'm going to watch both seasons by the end of the month somehow. This has fast become an anime I have to watch regularly, and alongside Aikatsu (more on that in another post) is my top anime of all time! 
Nagisa's dango family!
I hope you enjoyed learning about the anime I'm currently watching! I hope to do the next one very soon! 
Nagisa and Tamoya with their little girl Ushio

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