Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Getting Over Gary by Jessica Redland (Romance, Contemporary fiction, 10/10E, NetGalley, short 'n' sweet review)

 3rd March 2016,  So Vain Books, 395 pages, Ebook, Review copy from NetGalley

Content: some strong romance scenes 

Summary from So Vain Books
It was supposed to be the perfect fairy-tale. Elise married her childhood sweetheart, Gary, straight out of college, and they’ve been happy together for over twelve years. Elise is now desperate to start a family, but Gary doesn’t seem to share her enthusiasm anymore. Arriving home early from a party, she discovers why: Gary’s been keeping a secret from her. A very big secret.

While her own marriage appears to be falling apart, being a supportive bridesmaid for her best friend, Sarah, isn’t easy. Especially not when Clare, her nemesis from day one, is one of the other bridesmaids. If she’s going to get through it, she needs to put her own feelings aside, find herself again, and get over Gary. Fast. 

Could recently-divorced Daniel be the tonic Elise needs, or is he full of secrets and lies too? Is his hostile, but strangely attractive brother, Michael, the genuine article instead? And why do the good guys like Stevie turn her down?

But then Elise discovers she has a secret of her own and getting over Gary suddenly becomes the least of her worries…

Nayu's thoughts  
I felt sorry for Elise. No one should ever be cheated on. It's one of my prime hates about people. I think it's despicable, so before knowing much about sweet Elise I was already rooting for her. It takes her time to recover, and typically her break up is full of grey areas, including being friends with Gary at times when ideally she shouldn't have to deal with him. I inwardly cheered when she eventually faced his dragon of a mother.

I was sad to come to the end of the book because Elise is a great character to read about. She has her own moments of insanity, but on the whole she makes good decisions. I loved seeing her friendship with her friends and family deepen because of the break up, although it also made her distanced from them because she is super nice and doesn't want to hurt people, but ends up doing so because she witholds certain information at crucial times. Her sister made me smile a lot, she is quite a character! I don't agree with all of Elise's life choices but she chooses to follow her happiness which I wholeheartedly agree with. Life is to be lived, which involves a few risks. Put this book on your TBR pile now!

I have read and reviewed the previous book, Searching for Steven (9/10E, Romance, Shop fiction)

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Jessica Redland said...

Thank you so much for reviewing Getting Over Gary. I am beyond thrilled with such a wonderful review. 10/10? Eek! Thank you so much, Nayu :-) xx