Saturday, 6 February 2016

Tallie and the Total Eclipse by Anya Monroe (Young Adult, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

 December 2015, The Lovely Messy, 218 pages, Ebook, Review copy 

Content: teen rebellion, teen romance, some drinking and drug mention 

Book Summary
Now that I’ve landed the guy of my dreams, things have gotten complicated.

Life would be easy if Orion and I lived in a love bubble where we worked on our comic book 24/7. But nothing is that simple.

Especially when my parents full-on helicopter me, my boyfriend won’t kiss me…for reasons, and my cousin – a quintessential bad girl – is moving in and totally eclipsing my life.

The only thing I know is that those leather-clad, butt-kicking girls in comics always get what they want.

I’m sick of being the good girl everyone expects me to be.

So I’m trying something new. Wish me luck. 

Nayu's thoughts
I thought Maggie's tale in book 1 was crazy (or as is said in book 2 'cray cray'), but Tallie is even more of a disaster. With her strict parents I guess her hormones made her act so weird. That's not to say all home schooled teens go off the rails, most don't. Tallie' parents thought they were doing the right thing with their choices for her, but as Tallie's rebellion further derails they are forced to reassess their way of bringing her up. 

As with many rule breaking teens Tallie doesn't think of the consequences of her actions, which sometimes place her in danger. Thankfully some of the people she meets have common sense despite their overall bad influence to anyone who looks up to them, including Tallie. I was a tiny bit surprised how her parents reacted when she returned from running away, but they all learnt their lesson.

It was fun seeing more of Maggie this time as the worried friend, which wasn't the case in the 1st book, which for some reason I can't find the review even though I know I read it. I loved Bella as a character, Tallie was mistaken by the way she viewed Bella, which influenced Tallie's crazy behaviour. I loved the hits that were dropped over Tallie's friends having more going on in their lives than she realises, which does get explained in the end. Roll on book 3! 

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