Saturday, 6 February 2016

Summer on the River by Marcia Willett (Contemporary, Ungraded, short 'n' sweet review)

Looks idyllic!
 August 2015, Transworld Digital, 320 pages, Ebook, Review copy 

Summary from Transworld 
Evie loved the house. The bright, sunny rooms looking across the river. The terraced gardens with fruit trees growing against the high stone walls. The scent of lavender at the end of a hot day.

It was a family house.

As summer beckons, Evie’s family gathers once more at the beautiful old riverside house they all adore. But when Evie discovers a secret that threatens their future, a shadow falls over them all: this summer by the river could be their last together . . .

For Charlie, a visit home to see stepmother Evie is an escape from his unhappy marriage in London. Until a chance encounter changes everything: in the space of a moment, he meets a woman by the river, falls in love, and his two worlds collide.

As Evie and Charlie struggle to keep their secrets safe, they long for the summer to never end . . . Can the happiness of one summer last for ever?

Nayu's thoughts 
It's rare that I don't finish a book. Technically this is ungraded because I didn't get past chapter 3. I did try, but I couldn't get on with it. The story ended up being different to what I expected, but what I struggled with the most was the mix of past and present tense: due to medical reasons I'm tired most of the time I read, and the more complex a story is in structure – including frequent tense changes – is, the more likely I am to put the book down and not carry on reading it. I do want to mention it as I know many will like the interested tale. 

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