Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Shiba Inuko-san volume 1 by Uzu (Manga, 10/10E)

 September 2015, Takeshobo, 118 pages, English, Ebook Review copy, 

Content: lots of humour

Summary from NetGalley
Adapted to TV Animation! A Dog in a girl’s sailor school uniform...!? “Don’t even think about it!” Shiba Inuko san is a 4- panel comic strip about an ordinary but fun school life of “Shiba Inuko san”, and her classmate Chako and Naporin. 

Nayu's thoughts
This follows the hilarious mystery of a talking girl dog who thinks she is human, as do most of her classmates which is hilarious. The one classmate who thinks Shiba Inuko's a dog is frequently surprised at how human her canine ressemblig friend is, resulting in a lot of jokes. 

There are lots of distinctly dog-like acts which Shiba Inuko-san does which are claimed as perfectly normal. I've read other manga with the vertical strip of 4 panels before: it's easy enough to follow and there are many profound moments in the glimpses into Shiba Inuko's life, as well as glimpses into Japanese culture. This is a book for when you need to smile. I haven't yet seen the anime version, but I'm sure it's just as fun!

Suggested read
For a random and slightly not quite human girl check out Suzunari! Vol 1 by Shoko Iwami (Manga, Young Adult, 9/10)

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