Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Timber Ridge Riders #4 Wish Upon A Horse by Maggie Dana (Young Adult, 10E/10E)

 February 2014, Pageworks Press, 170 ages, Ebook, Review copy 

Content: horses, horses, more horses, life curveballs, humour, 

Summary from Maggie's website
More than anything in the world, Kate McGregor wants a horse of her own, but the scruffy mare she rescues from the auction is hardly the horse of her dreams.

Still, Kate’s betting that one day her horse will be a champion. Together they’ll win blue ribbons. They’ll beat Angela Dean once and for all, despite the fact that Angela’s being coached by one of the top riders in the world who’s as unscrupulous as she is.

But can Kate do it? Even her best friend, Holly, is doubtful, especially when Angela spreads the rumor that Kate’s horse might be stolen property.

Nayu's thoughts  
This is the first time that I've felt a bit sorry for resident mean girl Angela. In this volume of the horse filled series I got a bit more insight into Angela's life and I sort of understand why she acts as she does. While I can see why she may choose to behave a certain way, I don't fully understand it because she does have the option to be nice (& normal), but she chooses not to take it.

As for Kate's new horse – what she goes through is heartbreaking. I cried at several points in the book because it was all too easy to imagine the same thing happening to my cat, who I'm besotted with. The amount of worry and fear Kate goes through is worth the happy ending, although at times I didn't think it would happen. Another fine read in the horse series – you don't have to ride to love it! 

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Maggie Dana said...

Nayu, thank you so much. It's very touching to hear that you cried a few times. I hope the good stuff afterward was worth the tears.

Nayuleska said...

Most definitely worth it! On to book 5...