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Ravenswood Virtual Tours: Snow Job by Debbie Brown (Thriller, Romance, 10E/10E)

Clever cover!
September 2015, CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 260 pages, Ebook, Review copy from Ravenswood Virtual Book Tour

Content: some moderate violence, kidnap, murder, thrills, a bit of romance, some humour, 

Summary from Ravenswood Publishing
When NY divorce lawyer, Sarah Lindquist, stepped out of her office to clear her mind before her next client showed up, the last thing she expected was to come to in the middle of the Colorado Rockies, with two park rangers standing over her.

The ex-military rangers are convinced someone wants her out of the way, but how to find out who, without putting her life at risk and letting that 'someone' know they've missed the target?

Nayu's thoughts 
I never thought about how lawyers could be put at so much risk from their clients until I read Snow Job. It's insanely brilliant! I loved how there was surprise after surprise (mostly of the thrilling kind, rather than the birthday present kind). I loved never knowing what would happen next. I was reeled in by all the intrigue, wondering exactly what trouble (actual and perceived) Sarah was in, whether she'd be able to go home (eventually), and just how close to death she would come (quite close and more than once). Her fear is palpable (ooo, big word used!), she isn't a wallflower and does a few not so wise things, but overall, at least once the danger to her life is evident she listens to what she is told and mostly obeys the mysterious guys who are doing all they can to protect her. It's quite sweet of them to care so much for someone who seems like a nobody, but actual fact is somebody!

The amount of action is almost non-stop, perfect for a thriller like this. There's not only the enemy but the bad weather to contend with, which is both a help and a hindrance during Sarah's adventure. I wanted to reread the story as soon as it ended, it's that good! I'd love a sequel too, as well as an audiobook version. I'm not asking for much, not really... ^o^  Ideally read this when you have a few hours spare and don't have to put the book down! I read it at least 1-2 months ago before this review and remember it clearly. 

Find out more on Debbie's website.

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Amethyst Eyes said...

Wow, what an awesome review! Thank you so much :)
I'll see what I can do about a sequel.