Friday, 11 December 2015

Journey of A Germ: A Dettol Sponsered Post

This time of year it seems easier to catch colds and other viruses, so obviously the more ways to prevent catching something the better! Just like their summer campaign (colds aren't just for Winter you know!) Dettol have a new ad explaining how easy it is to spread germs. I really like the ad because it's about an ordinary act of visiting someone then going to a coffee shop, which is something I do. It was fascinating watching just how many places the germs went!

This is a sponsored post as Dettol have kindly provided me with both their Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser Spray and Wipes, which are proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria, including E.Coli, Salmonella MRSA and the Flu virus, and can help me combat germs this Winter.  
I love the wipes because they are easy to use, aren't overpowering in their scent and I'm convinced they do what it says on the packet. The spray is the same, only in non-wipe form. The wipes are available from most supermarkets with the RRP at £2.03p, so the actual price is usually cheapter than that, and the spray isn't too expensive either.

No-one wants a cold!
As someone whose immune system is rubbish, staying germ free as much as I can is really important to me. Any virus hits me harder and takes far longer for me to recover than the average healthy person. Even if your immune system is normal, taking measures to reduce germ exposure is important as it helps both yourself, your loved ones, and everyone else, including those like me with lowered immune systems.

To explain why I love Dettol and happily support them, I think you'd like to know that I regularly use Dettol AntiBacterial Laundry Cleanser with every load that is 40'C or 30'C.
I'm wary of lower temperatures being unable to nuke all the germs, and since I'm keen to avoid germs, using Dettol AntiBacterial Laundry Cleanser gives me peace of mind which I used to achieve at 60'C washes. While I realise not everyone will see the point of using this product, it is genuinely one of the few products I make sure I use. I use it as well as conditioner and it helps make my laundry smell gorgeous! Just 2 capfuls of this blue liquid and I'm more than happy to wash at 30'C. You can wash as low as 15'C with this product, but I haven't done that yet.

Find out more about these and other Dettol products on their website. I wholeheartedly recommend them for giving peace of mind and having products with pleasant fragrances.

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