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Shopkins Sweet Treats Smell-icious Sticker Scenes by Autumn Publishing (Children's, Non-Fiction, Activity book, Sticker book, 10/10E)

So cute!
July 2015, Autumn Publishing, 16 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Content: all things cute, sweet, scented stickers, problem solving

Summary from Autumn Publishing
Are you ready to shop till you drop with the deliciously adorable Shopkins characters? Step through the doors of the Small Mart and create smell-icious scenes with more than 50 candy-scented stickers.

Nayu's thoughts
This set of smelling stickers reminds me of the mostly gross smelling stickers I had when I was little. Mercifully these smell way nicer, and are far cuter. I hadn't heard of Shopkins before, there are toys for them, and I think there's a TV show too. I liked how at the back there's a check-list for all the Shopkins, so even if you haven't collected any you can still see what they look like. 

The scenes and activities provided are thought provoking and fun to do. 

I enjoyed putting the Shopkins on the pages: the one above is an empty page, which I filled in by adding stickers to the yummy looking ice cream! 
Page complete!

The special Shopkins sticker page is full of Shopkins and other items to decorate the scenes. They smell really nice - simply scratch the sticker and voila, pleasant smell!  

I wasn't so keen on a few of the Shopkins, hence the not quite perfect grade (I'm never keen on characters based using a dummy/pacifier), and some were rather clever. I'm hoping they encourage younger readers to eat certain food because they've seen and liked a Shopkin of the same type.

Find out more on the dedicated Shopkins website

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