Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nayu's News #25

Yippee! Random anime picture

Best news of 2012! (so far)

This is seriously exciting stuff for me. I'm resting up from after having my pain clinic appointment (which means DVDs/Netflix today and tomorrow for sure). I'm so excited! 
 Amu from Shugo Chara anime

(Yes, me being excited = more pictures in the post. Figured that was preferable to an insane amount of exclamation marks)

Firstly, I'm to have the ketamine infusion repeated, this time stronger and over a longer period of time (more than 30 mins). The hope is it might reach my worst pain a bit more, and potentially last for longer.

But that's not the most amazing news which had me a bit tearful after the appointment - like this. 
 Alice comforting Akari in Aria the Natural when Akari is told Alice is finally retiring as an Undine (gondolier person)

The supremely awesome, magnificent, superbly, squeesome news which needs more adjectives but again you might not like that so much as pictures - like this...
 Louloud from the French anime Loulou de Montmartre dancing happily

...the pain specialist said that so long as I don't get adverse effects from the next stronger/longer ketamine IV infusion - they will look to me taking it at home! 

No I will not be doing my own IV's. *shudders*. You can have it in liquid form, taken under the tongue so it gets absorbed correctly and not destroyed by stomach acid etc. I'd measure out what I need, and then take it. That means less trips to the hospital and...

....potential continuous months of less pain! 
A happy Utau from the anime Shugo Chara with her two charas Elu & Ilu

It's an incredible thought. After 3 years of severe continuous chronic pain, hope is in sight. To have less pain will be incredible. I know I'm going to feel a bit worse on the next infusion - such is the nature of having a stronger dose. The mild hallucinations might be worse. But I'd do so much just to feel more comfortable. I'm pretty sure that the liquid version in the way its given shouldn't have such an effect on me.
Roxy from Winx season 4 when she's really happy and connecting with her magic

Feeling more comfortable means...
....feeling happier...
...being able to read more (& review more)...

...being able to write more! Well, sort of. More days than I do now, at least. 

....and being able to do more craft! 

I'll still need to be super careful with managaing what I do on the basis of how I feel each day, which  is perfectly doable. 

So that's my happy news :) Tomorrow may be post free as I seriously need to rest (& I only really do that if I'm watching DVDs/Netflix.) I may get to start posting more review up on Saturday. I've got so many wonderful books to share with you all. And to get back into my weekend fun posts with character battles.

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