Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sticker by Numbers Animals by Joanna Webster (Children's, 5 years +, Non-Fiction, Activity book, Sticker book, 10/10E)

 March 2015, Buster Books, 34 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Content: lots of stickers! 

Summary from Buster Books
Sticker by Numbers: Animals is the second book in an innovative new series which takes stickers to a whole new level. Simply match the coloured stickers to the numbers on each page to build up stunning pictures. There's hours of fun to be had and with over 3,500 stickers, kids will marvel at what they can create using just a few simple geometric shapes. Children can reveal a handsome lion or a crouching tiger, embellish beautiful birds, enchanting snakes, shimmering fish and lots, lots more.

Nayu's thoughts
 Move over art therapy – sticker therapy is on the agenda! Seeing this title reminded me of the fun I had when I was little putting numbered sticker shapes into matching number blank spaces on the page.
a half done page
made some more progress!
Sticking in progress!
To use the stickers because they are closer to the back and I couldn't quite be bothered to tear out the sticker sheets, I simply loaded up my fingers with the relevant colour sticks and stuck them on! They stayed stuck down, which was frustrating for my perfectionist side which wanted to move the not quite straight ones. Oh well, perfection doesn't exist!
Here's the finished piece!
It takes longer than you think, and is relaxing. The numbered stickers are at the back of the book, easy to peel and easy to place. You can be as precise as you like (or can be bothered, in some of my cases!). The cheerful colours provide an uplifting few minutes/hours away from the world. It's easy to stop and start, so no excuses, start relaxing now! 

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