Thursday, 27 August 2015

Timber Ridge Riders #3 Riding for the Stars by Maggie Dana (Young Adult, 10E/10E)

October 2012, Pageworks Press, 178 pages, Ebook, Review copy from author 

Content: drama, horses, humour, tense moments

Summary from Maggies website
A movie is being filmed at Timber Ridge Stables, and one lucky girl is actually going to be in it. Of course, Angela Dean wants the spotlight, but Kate McGregor wants it even more. With the money she’d earn from the movie, Kate can make her special dream come true. She can buy a horse of her own.

What will Angela do to stop her? She’s tried all manner of dirty tricks in the past. But now a beloved horse is missing. Would Angela go that far?

Nayu's thoughts 
I'm having a fangirl SQUEEE moment as I sit to write this review – simply seeing the title has me happy because these riding stories are ace! The friendship between Kate and Holly is as strong as ever, thought not without disagreement which makes the story more realistic. There is as much drama off camera as on when filming happens at Timber Ridge. Film crews do funny things to people – not funny haha. 

There is sabotage and danger which had me holding my breath on several occasions, and mentally going 'Grr!' when certain characters (*coughAngelacough*) got away with almost murder. You really don't have to know anything about horses to enjoy the story which is about ordinary life, although by book 3 I am understanding just how much love and care goes into taking care of these fine creatures. 

Suggested read
Be sure to read the entire series series which starts with Timber Ridge Riders: Keeping Secrets (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

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Maggie Dana said...

Thanks, yet again, for really getting these stories. I am so thrilled that you as a non-horsey person, enjoy them so much.