Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Olympuss Games: Son of Spartapuss, Eye of the Cyclaw, and Maze of the Minopaw by Robin Price (Children's, 7 years +, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

Content: lots of peril, historical events, humour, many cats! 

Summary from Mogzilla for 
The series
The Olympuss Games series is set in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Cats rule the world. In fact, people have never existed.
New to Rome, the son of Spartapuss has a lot to learn. When a mysterious stranger pays his debts, he finds himself in the School for Strays a school for gladiator cats. Follow SOS and his fiery friend Furia on a quest that takes them from gladiator school to The Olympuss Games. 

The Olympuss Games series is set in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Cats rule the world and people have never existed.

In the second book in the series, The Son of Spartapuss discovers that his friend Furia is on a secret quest. Before their adventure begins, they must defeat the one-eyed Cyclaw.

Join the Son of Spartapuss and his fiery friend Furia again as they battle their way to the Olympuss Games.
Shipwrecked on the way to the Mount Olympuss, our heroes find themselves lost in an ancient maze. Can they escape from the Maze of the Minopaw?

Nayu's thoughts 
A while ago I read the enjoyable Spartapuss tales, loving how fictional history had a feline slant. When I was approached to see if I wanted to read about Spartapuss's son's adventures which were aimed at a younger age group I said 'Yes please!' without hesitation. I love history, and any story which engages readers with the past from an early age is a must read.

I wasn't disappointed. Spartapuss's son is different from his father in some ways, but not so different that he doesn't dive head first into incidents without thinking through the possible consequences. Inevitably that puts him in a lot of danger for a fair length of time, but that's life for those in the Spartapuss family. I loved his eagerness to do what was right regardless of what others told him. 

I loved the new friendships he forged with characters who are unforgettable, including Furia who wasn't as helpless as she seemed and thankfully reappears throughout the series. I enjoyed refreshing myself over the Roman slave system and how gladiators were chosen, I alternated between laughing and groaning at the far too frequent occasions which Sparapuss's son landed himself into more trouble, because most of the time I couldn't imagine how things could get worse and they did. Now, you know what kind of book I'd like to read next in Robin's series? The daughter of Spartapuss! Or grandaughter!

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