Thursday, 2 April 2015

Winner of my audiobook competition!

What will you choose to listen to?
What with announcing who won my Nayu's Crochet Dreams blog opening competition blanket, and which of you has won an audiobook of your choice, today has been a great day for announcements! I'll be updating my social media feeds on Saturday (hopefully. Due to scheduling clash of seeing a friend both this Saturday and next Saturday I had to bring forward my next ketamine dose to Wednesday evening, so I'm fit to drive on Saturday. I stay away when I'm majorly hyper as I can ramble on when hyper from my meds), but for those of you who stop by before then I can say the winner of £20/the equivalent in US dollars to go towards an audiobook (original post here) is...

Holly P! 

Congratulations Holly, I'll be emailing you shortly to organise the prize. Thank you to all those who entered, I hope you get to dip into the wonderful world of audiobooks soon!

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