Friday, 3 April 2015

Sparky! by Jenny Offill and Chris Appelhans (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

November 2014, Orion Children's Books, Hardback, Review copy

Content: cute sloth, humour 

A little girl wants a pet. She's not fussy, any will do. Her mother said no to a bird and bunny and trained seal. Then she agrees to the sloth, Sparky!

Sloths don't know how to fetch. Or roll over. But they sure know how to play dead.

 What's an eager pet owner to do?

Nayu's thoughts    
I want a Sparky! Naturally getting a sloth as a pet will only ever happen if you're the child of a zoo/safari keeper and visit them in their artificial habitat, but oh to have a Sparky! He has a lot of character, is incredibly adorable even though he enjoys an extremely relaxed pace of life. The style of illustration matches him perfectly, as he intrigues his new owner who doesn't get bored of him, and is quiet enough a pet that her mother is happy. 

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