Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nayu's News #170 Book & anime heaven

I'd totally forgotten I can only schedule reviews up OR do emails/blog related admin when I sat at my laptop this morning. Oopsie. Because I've been ill this week - Tuesday to Thursday which unfortunately involved staying home from work - I've a fair few books needing putting in my lovely new review logging in system, as well as emails to write, Tweets to send etc. It's taken all morning, once I stopped checking out interesting articles people posted about - that's one way to increase time, be extremely selective in what you look at!

Later in the day than expected I'm now all up to date. Yay! Next up, since spotting online Cosmo in PriPara performs a song,
Seen here holding up part of her sister Sophie's outfit...
...which Sophie teams up with a white t-shirt to make the look fairly modest.

I'm settling down to a mix of PriPara episodes, and reading. 
Reading opens up so many new worlds, just like anime!
I'm hoping to write a bit later, but, it being winter and my body frequently going on strike because of how cold it is, I don't know how much I'll do. 5 minutes will be my minimum!
I love my cranky Muse...

I'll be scheduling reviews tomorrow (so long as my body cooperates), so until then have a great weekend!
I'll have fun with Aikatsu! Sumire is one of my favourite characters ^o^

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