Sunday, 8 February 2015

Nayu's News #171 Minor Blogging Breakthrough

I like having revelations ^o^
In truth the breakthrough I've just had and will shortly reveal is probably major. It came about in part because I have a backlog of reviews to post, and I was trying to come up with a way to speed up my review writing. What I used to do was take the details which you can find in my What Are You Reading? meme stating the following: 

Title, Author, Genre, Rating, Short comment on my reaction to the boo. 

I'd copy and paste it into a new post on Blogger, I'd then write the full review in the post, add all the appropriate details and picture, then publish it. Due to personal circumstances (mostly my tempermental health and various life stresses) I got a bit behind in the last 5 months of last year. I am sorry for that, and thankfully this new way will speed things up this year. 

What new way?
Ah, the new way of reviewing which I haven't explained yet. Yes, as you can see in recent reviews the format stays the same. It's how I write the full review which has changed. Instead of writing it when I come to post the review, when I have time to blog I go to the document where I store all the essential details and write out several of the reviews in the document. This is without all the extras which you see in the published reviews. 

Doing it this way makes it easier when it comes to posting the reviews because it's then a matter of copy and paste, rather than engaging my brain and coming up with the review. I'm confident I can hopefully catch up with my backlog, health depending, by the start of March. Some are extremely over due, and again I am truly sorry about that. This new reviewing method combined with my new way of keeping track of book details for review will reduce overall reviewing time without diminishing the quality. 
Saving time saves my body's low energy supply ^O^

So there you have it my minor/major blogging breakthrough. I full expect to have more in the future, but until then I wish you happy reading!
Bye for now!

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