Saturday, 21 February 2015

Cinderella's Big Day by Katie Cotton and Sheena Dempsey (Children's, Picture book, 5 years +, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

October 2014, Templar, 20 pages, Hardback, Review copy,
Book summary
The prince has a problem: Cinderella's wedding ring is missing! He writes to the King to ask for help, who writes to the Ugly Sisters (who he thinks have taken it), who are so angry at the accusation they write to a witch, asking her to spoil Cinders' wedding...Will the big day end in disaster? Find out as the story unfolds through letters that you can open by lifting the flap of the envelope.

Nayu's thoughts  
I'm a fairly big Cinderella fan, both the Disney version and the anime tv series version. This version, well, is so cute! I was both thrilled and worried for Cinderella at the sheer amount of problems that seemed to stack up for her big day. Although I knew in my head this book would have a happy ending, I was worried about how it would end up that way. The little letters made it not just another Cinderella tale, each being a delight to open and read, as did the beautiful illustrations which fit in with my imagined view of this version of Cinderella. This is a charming read which will be reread many times by all who get their hands on it. 

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