Friday, 16 January 2015

Nayu's News #165 What Love Means

Love. What do you think of when you hear/see the word love? I instantly think of a heart. Some of you may think of the romantic type of love, the joy that comes when two people are more than just best friends, they connect with each other on a level like no other. 

Romantic love is far from the only type of love. Love can be the love of your family. 

This week I rewatched Frozen, a Disney Princess movie which is just a little bit huge in terms of fans. I fell in love with it because it focuses on the love of two sisters, Elsa & Anna, rather than revolving about the love interest of 1 main character. 
Anna and Elsa
I'm not against love in the romantic sense. I believe there's a time and a place for it, and like many I hope I get my prince charming one day. However, I love all the other forms of love. Love between siblings, like Elsa & Anna, is strong. Even if two people related think they dislike each other, deep down the love through their blood ties connects them. That's why I think Elsa was able to save Anna when Anna got frozen. Although Elsa was taught to shut her emotions out because she could hurt people with her ice magic, Elsa wasn't so cold that she couldn't unfreeze her sister's magical fate. 
By crying over Anna Elsa broke the spell

Love. Love can also be the love of friends and the rest of humanity. Friends like each other for a zillion reasons that are too many to even try and list. Friends choose each other, they aren't automatically linked by blood/marriage relations. Friends love each other on a level which means they will often stand by each other, no matter what. The friendship type of love, like any other isn't perfect. Misunderstandings can happen for them & any other type of love because we are all human. But beneath any discontent and harsh words, love lies beneath and burns strong. 

Friendship rules!

Love. So far I've talked about romantic love, family love, and friendship love. This being Friday post, leads me to talk of the love for God. 
One of many things I do to show my love to God is to read the Quran
God gives us so much, His is the never ending love, the perfect love. Thinking about His love blows my mind away metaphorically. Whatever you believe, think about God/an entity which helps you connect with all aspects of the world we live in, and in turn helps us to love others. Yes we may need money in life, but it is a tool, nothing more. Love is what makes the world go round. 
In the anime Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future Aira hugs the world in a prism act to show her love for everyone

Go spread some love! Smile at others, help someone out with something. Call/email/write/text someone you've been meaning to speak to. Love is the key to life.
Ichigo and Mizuki from the anime Aikatsu are spreading love to their fans! Who will you spread your love to?

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