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Cover reveal: Oksa Pollock The Heart of Two Worlds by Anna Plichota & Cendrine Wolf (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

Nayu here!
Are you ready to see the shiny cover of Oksa book 3 in advance of the paperback edition publishing 26th February 2015? Are you ready to pen in when you can dive into Oksa's latest adventure, all 352 pages, where heartache, heartbreak, and hope will make you set out lots of solid reading time just so you get uninterrupted reading? Yes? Good! 

I'm really dragging this out, but it's totally worth it. I'm going to be doing something special for the release too! Oksa, as some of you know, means the world to me, as well as to her friends, family, although not her enemies. The following quote of mine has even made it to the dedicated Oksa website: Oksa is my Harry Potter! Squee! It had seemed such a natural thing to say, she has her own magic and special abilities, alongside weirdly wonderful companions, and enemies who do seem to be everywhere. I mean every word, and I hope by exploring the site & reading my review of books 1 & 2 found here) you will love the brave girl who makes mistakes and has to make incredibly tough choices. 

Oksa's authors are interesting too - here's their bio: ANNE PLICHOTA was born in Dijon, France, and after studying Chinese language and culture spent several years living and working in Korea and China.
CENDRINE WOLF was born in the Alsace region of France. She studied sports, and went on to work with teenagers indeprived neighbourhoods. Cendrine and Anne have been friends for almost two decades and have always wanted to find a project to work on together (including plans to open an English delicatessen in eastern France!). They are glad they finally found one.
  (yes I'm really stringing out the cover reveal. Mwheeheehee (fangirl squee-ing is different from evil overlord laughing) 

Purely for recap purposes I will now show all 3 books' covers along with a synopsis of each: Be prepared to discover an admirable girl who captured my heart!

Oksa book 1: Oksa Pollock The Last Hope

Oksa Pollock is a normal thirteen-year-old girl, starting a new life in London. New lives, new friends, a new school and new adventures. But bizarre things start happening around Oksa she finds she can produce fire from her hands, move objects with her mind, and even fly.

Finally the truth emerges…her family fled Edefia, their magical, hidden homeland years ago. And more than that: Oksa is their queen… Oksa will be thrown into a wilder adventure than she could ever have imagined. She must triumph over her enemies. The whole of Edefia is counting on her!

Oksa book 2: Oksa Pollock The Forest of Lost Souls

Oksa Pollock has made some pretty incredible discoveries in the last few months, not least that she’s the queen of the lost magical land of Edefia. As if that wasn’t enough for any thirteen-year-old to be dealing with, her mother is still desperately ill after being attacked by Edefia’s unscrupulous enemies, and now her best friend in the whole world, Gus, has become trapped in the Forest of Lost Souls.

Entering that terrifying place is the rescue party: Oksa and a few fellow Runaways-including the moody, mysterious Tugdual. In the forest the group must all face their own personal demons, not to mention an assortment of horrific creatures, in a desperate attempt to bring Gus back alive.
But even if Oksa and her group make it through the wastelands and the monsters, there are greater threats to face: betrayal, grief, and the end of the world itself. And it’s only just beginning…

And finally....
Oksa book 3: Oksa Pollock The Heart of Two Worlds

Oksa's heart-stopping adventures continue, as she journeys to her enchanted homeland

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, torrential rain... The Earth is in turmoil. Fleeing a flooded London, Oksa and the rest of the Pollock family set off in search of the Entrance Portal of Edefia, their magical home. It is their only chance of restoring the Earth's balance. To get there, Oksa is forced to ally herself with the terrible Felons, mortal enemies who could betray her at any moment. Luckily she also has some real friends at her side: Pavel, her shapeshifting father; Gus and Tugdual, the two rivals for her heart; and, of course, her formidable grandmother Dragomira, along with her menagerie of Edefian creatures. But little does Oksa know, not only will she have to brave countless dangers to reach the portal, she must also pay a terrible price to enter the hidden world... And what will await her on the other side?
Here's my review of the hardback version! I hope you've enjoyed this cover reveal. I'd love to know your thoughts on Oksa! Yes I did make the title & cover of the 3rd book larger - it's the feature of this post!

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