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News: Night School by CJ Daugherty is becoming a web series! Competition CLOSED

Nayu here! The Night School series by CJ Daugherty is rather cool. For some reason known only to blogging gremlins, my review of book 1, Night School,
Young Adult, 10E/10E (& one of several books which made me create a higher rater than 10/10)

& book 2, Night School: Legacy 
Young Adult, 6/10E - this rating will be changed upon the next reread, since I now understand why Allie acted the way she did.
have vanished. Drat. All that remains is their ratings, but book 3, Night School Fracture,

 can be found here. I have yet to read book 4.

You can enter a competition to win all 4 books right after The competition is now closed. Here's the awesome news from the info I received by email not too long ago...

...CJ Daugherty’s bestselling Night School books are being made into an online TV series for You Tube! Not only that, but what’s really exciting is that it’s the first time that a YA book has been made into an online series in Britain! You probably know that web series based on popular YA books are already huge in America with web series such as  Private by Kate Brian and The Lizzie Bennett Diaries proving huge hits on You Tube.  You may also be interested to know that more than 50% of all TV is watch on You Tube, so CJ is bang on trend with her new You Tube series.

Night School the Web Series will be released on CJ Daugherty’s You Tube Channel on Friday 12th December and CJ has written all new material for each episode, so you get to find out what Allie and Carter really think about each other! Here is a sneak peak of what to expect: .

Official Trailer:    

Based on the international bestselling Young Adult books by CJ Daugherty

Night School the Web Series
Brand new British teen web series
Launches on You Tube Friday 12th December

Watch the official trailer:
The first time a British book series has been produced for an online audience

Britain is set to get its first ever web series based on a book, as Little Brown author CJ Daugherty prepares to release Night School the Web Series based on her bestselling YA novels.

Set to release on Friday 12th December and produced by Trailermade Films, Night School the Web Series tells the story of Allie Sheridan, a school girl at Cimmeria Academy, an exclusive British private school that hides a dark secret. At the heart of Cimmeria is Night School, a Bullingdon Club style secret society whose members are both destined to run the country and mentored by the world’s most powerful people. When Night School members become involved with a series of student murders, the secret society implodes and Cimmeria Academy becomes the scene of a civil war between teachers, students and Night School members. With no-one to trust and friends getting murdered all around her, Allie finds herself caught up in a love triangle between two of Night School’s most powerful members; Sylvan and Carter.

The brainchild of a husband-and-wife team: BAFTA-nominated Director Jack Jewers and author CJ Daugherty who penned the scripts, Night School the Web Series does not attempt to adapt the books on film, but instead presents six original stories set within the world of the books.  Night School the Web Series will be launched on the Night School YouTube channel which has already had 300,000 views and counting for its book trailers.

CJ Daugherty says Night School fans tell me the books feel REAL to them. I wanted to make the story even more alive. I am barraged with emails and messages every single day from fans asking for a TV series or film of Night School. This was a way to give them what they want and to be at the cutting edge of something brand new.

Jack Jewers Says YouTube now accounts for more than 50% of everything we watch. It’s the future and the present. This is the way we will all be watching television soon. America is already way ahead of us in transforming books into web series and I’m really excited that we get to be the first people to launch a web series based on a book in the UK.

Each webisode in Night School the Web Series is less than ten minutes long.  One webisode will be released each week, beginning 12 December and continuing through January. The webisodes use the same cast as the cult hit Night School book trailers and aim to unite action with the complex emotional and political issues inherent in the books.

About Jack Jewers
Jack Jewers is a BAFTA-nominated, Royal Television Society award-winning director.  His short film work has been screened nightly over a special season on BBC2; shown in and out of competition at film festivals around the world, including Cannes, Miami and Toronto; and released in UK cinemas by the BFI. One of his most recent films was Shalom Kabul, a comedy-drama about the last two Jews of Afghanistan. In 2012 Jack founded Trailermade Films, a production company specialising in high quality, low budget advertising, book trailers and other short form content for web and television. Since then it has grown to become one of the most successful agencies in the field of book trailers, with a fan following separate from the novels it has helped turn into international bestsellers

About CJ Daugherty
CJ Daugherty is the author of the Night School series, including Night School, Legacy, Fracture and Resistance, the fifth book in the series, Endgame will be published in 2015. Night School has been translated in 22 languages and is a bestseller in 5 countries, in the UK Night School was the no.5 bestselling YA debut when it was first published in 2012.  Before writing YA, CJ Daugherty worked as a crime reporter, a travel writer for Frommers and Time Out as well as time working for MI5 in the UK, which she’d like to tell you about but she’d have to kill you. All of her experiences from seeing her first body aged 22 to working with spies have informed the Night School series. 

Allie Sheridan (Jessica Sargent)
Carter West (Campbell Challis)
Nathaniel St John (Danny Carmel)
Jeremy Simpson (Damien Thomas)
Lucy Li (Kunjue Li)
Katie Gilmore (Grace Parry)
Jo Arringford (Jodie Hirst)
Gabe Porthus (Tom Blount)
Mark (Lewis Lilley)
Eleanor (Jessica Swallow)

Competition time! UK only NOW CLOSED

To celebrate the web series launch Atom kindly provided a set of the 4 Night School books! The lucky winner is below. ^o^ 

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