Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Nayu's Mews #150 Another of those days...

9u will know what this picture means!

No reviews until this weekend I'm afraid. My day off today didn't go as planned. Ended up staying in bed all day with a headache brewing. I was desperate for it not to morph into migraine status, which happens for 90% of my headaches. With lots of crochet (both for myfamily and my newly launched Nayu's Crochet Dreams Store and audiobooks (well 1 audiobook) headache went away. By 5pm I made it downstairs, able to crash out with anime, and more importantly feed my cat!

I didn't have a migraine, but I've still been hit with post migraine exhaustion. >n<. I should be ok for work tomorrow, which is good. I just want a day without a headache, where I can read and work on my novel. I'm praying God's plans match up with my plans tomorrow!
Headache stay away, ok?!!

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