Thursday, 6 November 2014

Nayu's News #151 Yarn Love & Relaxation

This has zero relation to this post, other than me adoring the kimono pattern!
After slightly mad day at work, coming home to yarn which looks even more amazing than it did on screen made me very happy. Look at it!

These will become blankets for Nayu's Crochet Dreams...once I've made my present blankets, of course. I so would not think about starting one of these blankets before I've finished my priority crochet projects...
"I'm innocent of starting new projects before old ones!" Yeah, I wouldn't believe Holo from the anime Spice & Wolf either!
This afternoon I've managed to get through emails speedily, which is a plus since I'd wanted to look a them yesterday but was in bed with a stupid headache. It wasn't too stupid because it didn't morph to evil migraines. You can call a migraine evil, because it will like that, but calling it stupid is a bad idea since it might just ramp up the crumminess. 
Like migraines, Holo is not to be messed with!

I'm super tired now, I don't think I'll read tonight like I'd hoped to yesterday, but I will watch anime and listen to audiobooks (while doing crochet) as I don't have to focus too hard for that. 
Cute headphones!!!

That means I've done 0 reading this week....
"None whatsoever?"
...but I think I'm due to have ketamine treatement tomorrow so will definitely be doing heaps of reading & blogging - yay! 
Don't panic, I rarely stay away from books for long!

What's made you happy today?

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