Thursday, 9 October 2014

Miss Prince by Alicia L. Wright (Children's, 11 years +, 9/10E)

And that's a girl disguised as a boy....
May 2014, Tannbourne, 308 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Content: lots of laughs, some sorrow 

Summary from Tannbourne
Lucinda has a wicked stepfather to defeat. Not hers, her father is very nice and is letting her save up for that plane ticket she wants so badly. No, she's been employed as a prince, her boss having run out of real ones, and she has dragons to fight, damsels to rescue and a usurper to dethrone. And to do it she's got the help of a witch who won't use magic, a vampire who won't terrorise the villagers(much to their annoyance) and two princesses who might have qualified as damsels in distress if only they weren't causing so much of their own. In the Otherworlds, where your species can be a job description and good is expected to win over evil without even breaking a sweat, it should have been easy. But the stories are breaking, and nothing is that simple any more. Is a plane ticket really worth all this..?

Nayu's Thoughts
Please be aware that I do know Alicia online, so this is a slightly biased review. That being said it's completely honest. It took me a while to read Miss Prince because I wasn't in the right mood for it. To conquer that I read a few pages a day, until the time when I sat down for over an hour to finish it off ^o^

Miss Prince is a fairytale like no other. Yes there are damsels in distress, dragons, fairies - but all with a twist. I absolutely adore how vampires come into existence, and how some are good and some are mega grouchy. I love the various feuds and arguments that Lucinda has to deal with, especially when each sets off more problems for her. There is a surprise to be had almost on every page, and I certainly couldn't attempt to predict what would happen next. 

The reason for the less than perfect grade is in part due to me not being in the mood for it all. That said, there was a small part of Lucinda's character I didn't like. I thought what she was saving the money for was a bit insane, and she'd do better to spend the money (when she eventually got it) on something more worthwhile. But, it's part of the, which did make me smile, so I can live with that. 

Suggested read
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