Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Me, Jill Robinson! A Seaside Mystery by Anne Digby (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

April 2013, Straw Hat, 74 pages, Ebook, Review copy

Themes: family holiday, sibling relationships, breaking the law, camping, odd goings on,
Content: some mild peril, occasional major peril, lots of humour,

Summary from Amazon  (I don't receive anything by using them) 
A seaside holiday - and a thrilling mystery for Jill. What on earth is her brother Tony up to? Why is he being so secretive about his new friend Sam [getting on the wrong side of Dad in the process] - and why are they looking for the boy with a fringe? When Jill takes up the trail with best friend Lindy, it leads the girls straight into danger...
Nayuleska's thoughts
This is actually the 2nd in the series, but the first book I’ve read as it was free when I got it (not quite a review copy, it was an ebook deal). I haven’t read any of Jill’s adventures, and oh boy I’m so going to collect the series now I have read them! Jill’s adventure is the kind of read I adore (probably no surprise that a lot of books like this were first published when I was little)

Jill is a typical sister, trying to keep an eye on her wayward brother, but being very human and forgetting to do that from time to time. She is mature enough to think ahead of the consequences of certain actions from her brother, and young enough to hope for the best when she has to take risks.

There was one part in the book where despite in the back of my mind knowing the end would be a happy one, I was so caught up in Jill’s dilemma that I kept holding my breath and got butterflies in my tummy.  It was scary, just like how the Nancy Drew series is. Thinking about Jill’s eventful holiday involving a hasty smoked salmon run, bike theft and family arguments makes me whoop in my head! Such a feel good tale to be read again & again! 

Suggested read
For more mystery (although no siblings) check out the first Nancy Drew adventure: Nancy Drew Mysteries: The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene (Young Adult (it's young adult if you go by nancy's age, if not then it could easily be 9 years +), Audio book, 10E/10E) 

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