Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nayu's News #129 Free & easy day

Love this kimono pattern!
Morning all! Or afternoon/evening depending when you read this ^o^ Spending my usual mid-week day off work by relaxing. Still recovering from the Evil Germ Gremlin attack, so not up for as much as I'd like. I'd hoped to schedule up a few blog posts, and post up a few new competitions, but by the time I'd sent some necessary emails and tweeted links, my body began to protest at all the effort so I'm finishing up to rest with books, games & crochet. Probably not writing because brain fog means that I really can't think about anything - Muse is surprisingly understanding about this. 
"Yo! All's cool."

Whatever you do have a great day!
Here's an ace new anime pic I stumbled upon this week!

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