Thursday, 15 May 2014

Nayu's News #127 Germ gremlins still here.

Resting is helping me get better...slowly.

Yup, germ gremlins still here, hence this filler post. I'm reading a bit, watching lots of Waterloo Road and Aikatsu
Aoi & Ichigo from Aikatsu!
both which are keeping me happily sort of distracted from how heavy my head feels. Managing to get to work which is a plus, although by the time I'm home I'm not up for much. Hopefully the germ gremlins will pack their bags soon and head for a new destination. 
Germs are not as cute as this one looks!

Not even Muse glaring will send them packing - and that's quite a stare! 
Understandably Muse is dressing dark since that is how she feels right now.

Stay well ^o^
Stay as well as you can!

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