Saturday, 12 April 2014

Eddie's Kitchen and How To Make Good Things To Eat by Sarah Garland (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E)

March 2014, Frances Lincoln, 40 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Themes: helping out in the kitchen, baking with the family, sibling relations, mischievous toddler, adorable cat, things that suck time away

Content: lots of humour

Summary from Frances Lincoln
It is Grandad's birthday and Eddie is helping Mum make a birthday tea - with Lily's help, of course! Baked apples from their apple tree, eggs from their chickens - soon the table is filled with yummy birthday treats. But what did Lily do with all the carrots? The book includes recipes for making delicious and nutritious treats for all budding young chefs.
The recipes included are:
- Spaghetti with tomato sauce
- Crusty white bread
- Orange drizzle cake
- Baked and buttery apples

Nayuleska's thoughts
I haven't read too many books like this, with recipes at the end which include how to vary the dish. That wasn't the best part of the story. I loved how Eddie's mother trusted him to bake the various dishes with her help, and keep an eye on his little sister who got messier with each step and who did a fine vanishing act on the carrots! I could relate to Eddie getting frustrated with every hold up-that used to be me when  was little (ok so now I'm older I still get frustrated by delays!).

I adored the detailed illustrations which make the story amazing-I spotted the hen on the pram before it surprises Lily. My favourite character is the cute black and white kitten who appears in most of the scenes. It is so curious! It features on the inner cover pages as it explores various items. I love how it stuck it's tongue out in a yawn when Eddie's mother was busy, how it pats the other cat, how it reaches out to Lily's ankles, how it enjoyed climbing into and over furniture in the kitchen, how it takes an interest in everyone and everything. It made Eddie's tale that bit more special for me.

Find out more on Sarah's website.

Suggested read
Another detailed and sweet read is Amelie and Nanette: Sparkly Shoes and a New Dress by Sophie Tilley (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E)

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