Thursday, 6 March 2014

Nayu's News #109 Bit of this, bit of that

Today has been mostly a quiet one for me. I'm nearly fully recovered from Monday's migraine-yay! The after effects always take a few days to get over, but that's part of coping with them-knowing when to relax!

Because in myself I wasn't quite up to speed I purposely did not try to spend time with Muse on my fairy wip. Muse may jump up and down when she thinks I'm slacking, but when I'm ill she reluctantly pipes down, resorting to a few glares in the direction of whichever part of me isn't working as well as it could.

Other than some necessary blog work, I continued on with the long term log maintenance.After a few hairy moments involving nearly deleting a load of posts by accident, I've made a start on making my earlier reviews more uniform with the current ones. It is going to be very slow progress, yet it is really satisfying to update older reviews, delete posts which make no sense, that kind of thing. I was such a newbie to book review that my terminology at times lacked sense and continuity.

I'm not toally rewriting all the reviews so there will be varied styles. It's the ratings and content which eventually will be the same, enabling me to have a widget on the side with links to different rating levels, and the different ages/main genres I review having lovely links at the top of the home page. They are there now, I'm slowly adding more as I neaten older posts and use tags which Blogger will accept (the + sign is a tag no-go, unless you intend for no posts to show for 5 years +! 5 years works fine.)

Those who are observant may notice that I've put the linked pages more in age order, and made it clear they are reviews. This is all so that anyone looking at my blog will hopefully find it logical. I'd love to increase the number of people who visit NRC, so since I'm in the frame of mind to make changes, that is what I'm doing. I won't be posting updates every single time I change something as it is going to take weeks, quite possibly months to finish. But I'm in the early stages with heaps of enthusiasm, and want to let you know blog changes are happening!

I seem to be getting into light hearted mysteries book-wise, which is a newish area for me. From the amount I add to my wishlist there are plenty of this type of book to keep me happy for a long while. Note mostly it is for my one or so chapter a day read from personally owned books rather than review requests.

I must take photos of the crochet squares I've made this week tomorrow, otherwise yet again I will have none for Monday's What Are You Reading Meme. I also need to rest after work and not get distracted by blog stuff. Seriously, I think I could be forever tweaking my blog. I'm setting the 20 mins of blog maintenance rule only when I have days off. If I work, then extra stuff is a no-no. I still struggle with relaxing, maybe that's why I keep the 
internet mostly blocked on my kindle so I'm not distracted by Twitter and new shiny emails.

Time to go catch some zzzs...been up 21 hours. I'd gone to bed at 930ish last night since I was tired, and figured I may sleep more than 5 hours now. I don't, so was up at 3am. So it's back to resting til 12am bed just so I don't run out of energy too soon into my work day. 5am-6am feels more human time to get up than 3am. I sleep solidly when I do sleep-some of the time- thanks to the I can't live without ear plugs and an eye mask to keep everything dark no matter if family need the landing light on, or the sun says hello in the morning before I'm ready to return the greeting. Night all! 

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