Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Blue Lady & The Grey Girl by Eleanor Hawken Competition Help Required UPDATED

I'm sorry!
Okay, I have an embarrassing confession. It was the first time I used Rafflecopter for this competiton to win 2 books by Eleanor Hawken  and I managed to create the entry form using an email address which doesn't exist. At all. Which means I have no clue who's won this competition. 
Who has won these two books?
Currently a mystery!

Please could all 4 competitors contact me asap so I can put your details through a random number generator and come up with a winner. I have since created a new account under the correct email address, so current competitions should be fine (I hope...) 

You can use the form on this blog, or email me:

UPDATE 12th March: Please get back to me by Wednesday 19th March, after that I'll be announcing the winner. 

Apologies for the slight error on my part - I won't make the same mistake again! 

Live & learn!

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