Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nayu's News #96 Winter & I don't get on

"I'm under attack!"
Note: all pictures from online searches, the quotes a from me. 

Apologies for the silence from me - Winter & I simply don't get on. Apart from scheduled book tours, it mean that reviews may be sporadic - not what I'd like, but my body really doesn't like Winter & plays up more. 
"Grrrr! Stupid body!"
I'm resting with loads of anime and other hobbies, although mostly just anime when I don't feel great, as this is the best way for me to take things easy! 

This morning I finished rewatching Winx Season 5.
Group shot!
It's the English version, which somehow grew on me. There are moments of the plot where I do wonder what was going on (episode 25 ballet performance - why dance before a big showdown with the enemy? It gave them confidence, which I suppose is a good trait to have before a big battle..), 

but it's overridden by the huge feel good factor that comes from watching the 6 fairies with heaps of costume changes, friends, and magic! 

What do you watch in Winter? 


Jane Hanbury said...

Hope you brighten up soon. Short days and long nights are no fun plus the wet and cold.

Jambo said...

Oh I so wish I could transport our impending summer heat. I did get a pair of fingerless gloves which from memory you also have. I hope you adjust soon. Take care

Nayuleska said...

Thank you both - yes, I so wish I could take people's heat as I absolutely love it! Books & anime are keeping me busy.