Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Foot in the Grave by Joan Aiken and Jan Pienkowski (Children's, 10 years +, 10/10E)

3rd October 2013, Jonathan Cape
144 Pages, Hardback
Review copy

Content: Ghost stories - although chilling, not terrifying

Summary from Jonathan Cape
When Jan Pienkowski began a haunting series of paintings and asked Joan Aiken to compose accompanying ghostly stories, the result was bound to be an exceptional book.

Here are tales of ghostly revenge, tales to scare and amuse, peopled with malevolent spirits and mysterious heroes. Haunting happenings and peculiar twists shape these stories; the unexplained and unearthly goings-on add up to an extraordinary and eerie experience.

The Mole's review
I had expected stories of terror but was extremely pleasantly surprised to find that they were in fact mainly twists and chilling - I have to admit to enjoying it far more than I had expected because of this. In fact in some of them the twist makes them almost amusing - but that could be me?

 Although it sounds like a children's book, with the publisher saying '10+', I found this book to be totally readable and acceptable as an adult.

The chosen font is quite large and the illustrations are hauntingly relevant and in all an extremely nice book to hold, own and to read. An ideal present for someone who likes supernatural tales.

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